The Department of Pharmacy (DIFARMA) at the University of Salerno was established in 2012 in accordance with Law 240/2010, commonly known as the "Gelmini law." It inherits the legacy of two pre-reform structures, the Faculty of Pharmacy (deactivated) and the Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences (deactivated), positioning itself as a scientific and educational reference on "Pharmaceuticals" within the University of Salerno.

Connection with the Salernitan Medical School: Like the entire University of Salerno, DIFARMA is ideally linked to the Salernitan Medical School. However, more than the obvious connection to a medical school, DIFARMA emphasizes a cultural, geographical, and sensitive bond to humanity. It identifies with foundational values and peculiarities of the Salernitan Medical School that are both "current" and "modern":

  • Secularism, as the ability to blend scientific research, typically empirical and innovative, with traditional knowledge.
  • Tolerance and internationality, understood as openness and osmosis with other cultures, mutual enrichment.
  • Mediterranean, a decisive geographical position that has allowed and continues to make Salerno the center of the Mediterranean and simultaneously the heart of Europe.
  • Centrality of research on drugs and health products within the cultural promotion of the individual, encompassing not only the use of remedies (medicines, herbs, animal, and mineral products) but also a combination of lifestyles, diets, targeted interventions, and prevention.
  • Centrality of teaching and the relationship with students.
  • Equal opportunities and the fundamental role of women, who, with Trotula De Ruggiero, were admitted for the first time to a medical school as both teachers and students, contributing uniquely to the advancement of knowledge in all areas.

The Logo: The chosen logo of the Department of Pharmacy is designed to evoke these values and peculiarities, drawing inspiration from the four humors or fluids (black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood) at the foundation of medieval medicine and the thinking of medical and pharmaceutical pioneers such as Hippocrates and Galen. These humors also suggest attention to the environment, natural elements (air, water, earth, fire), and life cycles (the four seasons).

The color scheme begins with garnet red, which is the characteristic color of pre-reform Pharmacy Faculties in Italy, continuing with colors reminiscent of the other humors. Just as in the logo, the perfect balance of the four humors determines the well-being and health of humanity, the ultimate goal of research and education in the field of pharmaceuticals and health products.

The Head of Department:

prof. Pietro Campiglia

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